Sunday, 27 July 2008


Was slightly worried that my gauge read empty at 120 miles, however, the tank carried on to the 240 mile point without cutting out, so all was fine.

I have the following results with regards to mileage:

1st Tank £22.75 - 240 Miles - Price per mile - 9.5p

2nd Tank* £22.00 - 225 Miles - Price per mile - 9.8p

3rd Tank £25.60 - 273 Miles - Price per mile - 9.4p

4th Tank £26.18 - Not finished yet.

This is compared with a price of 17p per mile on petrol.

The reading for the second tankful was a bit funny because the station I filled up at (suthers star garage at longton), seemed to have a broken pump and after about 35 litres started going really slowly and it took about 7 minutes for the next 5 litres so I gave up at 40 litres. When I asked the girl behind the check out if everything was ok with the gas pump she said "Yeah I think so, noone else has complained; I'll make sure I tell some one about it".

I decided not to bother risking not being able to fill my tank up, so wont go back there!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Day 1

Picked up the car last night, which was pretty good, I put it in Monday morning and got the phone call to say it was ready on Wednesday afternoon, which from speaking to other LPG converters is faster than what is normally quoted.

Arrived at Warrington Autogas (WA) to collect my car and was given a thorough walk and talk through the equipment, including filling, operation, and technical layout (I usually do all my own work on the car, not lpg conversions obviously). The technician got in the car before I drove around the block to confirm everything was working ok.

Paid the bill, which, on top of the cost of the conversion had £22.50 on top for a full tank of gas. I received all the neccessary paperwork including the conversion certificate.

They fitted an OMVL kit in the end, which comes with a lifetime guarantee on the injectors (previously a weak spot for OMVL kits apparently), and 2 years parts and labour at WA.

Was very peculiar driving home and not seeing the petrol gauge changing at all! The car is much quieter to drive, and does not seem any slower at all than before. So far, all is good. I resetted my trip counter to see how long a full tank of gas will get me but what is worrying is that it seemed to lose the fourth led (four leds that display the amount of gas) after only 40 or so miles of driving. If this is an accurate measurement, the mpg is less than half what I would get from petrol. I will confirm this by running the tank dry and seeing what the final figure is.