Friday, 8 August 2008

The conversion is due its 1000 mile service tomorrow. I will be sure to bring up the only two bad points about the conversion so far.

1. The problem with the gauge. It reads empty when the tank is only half empty. Not so much of a problem to me, as I know how to read it now, but it would be nice if it was actually accurate.

2. The car cuts out at junctions when it's cold and the lpgs only just switched over.

I emailed andy at WA to arrange the service, and got a reply back after a few days, so will phone today to arrange a definite time.

Another thing on the to do list is to sort out the boot. Having the 60 litre tank means there is a large lump in the boot floor and I would prefer it to be flat. I think im going to make a false floor out of mdf.